Build Audiences

Squeezely Audience Builder – Segment audiences and export to all channels.

Profile Insights and Data Onboarding
Build Audiences and Segments
Find Lookalike
Export to channels
Advanced audience building
  • Data Onboarding

    Collect data from your site and apps. Onboard data from CRM, offline and other sources.

  • Segment Audiences

    Slice and dice your data to create any audience! Point-and-click audience building makes it easy.

  • Find Lookalikes

    Instantly find lookalikes to all your audiences. Use them on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

  • Export to channels

    Export your audience anywhere. Target customers on social, search, email or your own website.

  • Advanced Building

    Send us any data point. Our custom fields and event counters are flexible to support any use case.

Create Campaigns

Squeezely Campaign Builder – Automated, personalized messaging everywhere.

Dynamic Product Ads
Create Display Banners
Triggered Emails
Personalized Website Content
  • Dynamic Product Ads

    Target your audiences with Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook and Google.

  • Create Display Banners

    Create dynamic HTML 5 banners for display platforms like Doubleclick. No design or coding knowledge required.

  • Triggered Emails

    Remind your visitors about products they have been looking at. Send abandoned cart emails. Never miss out.

  • Personalized Website Content

    Recognize your audiences on your own website. Create a personalized website experience that lifts conversion.

Analyze Results

Squeezely Analytics – Simple dashboards, powerful API.

Cross Channel Dashboard
Track customer sources
100% Sales Attribution
Control Group Verification
Reporting API
  • Cross Channel Dashboard

    Gather statistics from your cross channel campaigns into one clear dashboard.

  • Track custom sources

    Keep track of results from any traffic source using custom URL tracking.

  • 100% Sales Attribution

    Connect your store to attribute all your sales. No more discrepancies between your analytics and order systems.

  • Control Group Verification

    Exclude a control group from your campaigns. Compare results to find out what truly works.

  • Reporting API

    Data scientist? Export all data to your own data warehouse. Feedback any results to make them available for marketing.

We are constantly adding integrations!

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