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Frequently Asked Questions

All users that are tracked by receive an unique ID. All user id's stored with your data storage period count towards the total number of unique profiles in your account.
To estimate how many profiles you will be needing you can have a look at the amount of unique visitors on your website in the last 12 months. A tool like Google Analytics can give you this information.
Squeezely will store all users for you to ensure you realize the maximum benefit of our platform's capabilities. Additional profiles will be charged per profile at the additional profile costs specified in your plan.
Don't worry! We will automatically upgrade you and notify you of all the useful extra features this unlocks for you!
We have standard integrations with Social & Search Marketing platforms as well as leading DSP's and Email Marketing platforms.
Annual billing will unlock a special discount for you. To thank you for your commitment you will only be billed for 11 months in an annual plan. Let us know after you sign up and we will process this right away!