Squeezely Data Management Platform (DMP)

Squeezely Data Management Platform (DMP) helps marketeers deliver tailored consumer experiences that drive revenue with data-driven content-, commerce- and marketing decision making.

The Data Challenge

Collecting and utilizing data can be challenging to companies. How do you collect the right data? How can you make sure your data is stored securely? How do you interpret and utilize your data to improve your brand experience for consumers?

The Squeezely Tag & Tag Manager easily solve these problems for you. Our quick and simple integration wizard will have you up and running in no time. After integration, you will be collecting the data points that matter to your business instantly. Our partnership with IBM’s BlueMix Cloud Platform ensures the highest standards for data security & database performance.

Using your existing CRM data in Squeezely DMP? Not a problem! After importing your data Squeezely will take care of activating your existing data into actionable user profiles that can instantly be used for marketing segmentation.

Personalized experiences with Squeezely Segment

Once you are collecting Data and your existing CRM profiles have been activated, these are readily available in the Squeezely Segment tool. Build segments based on demographic and event based data. For example you can create segments for people that viewed, searched or bought certain items. Split segments on gender, location, devices used and much more.

Require custom events for your business? Our NoSQL database infrastructure makes it easy to accommodate you with all the flexibility you need.

Does your company use product feeds to power your ecommerce website? Easily import them into Squeezely DMP and use your feed information to personalize the messages you

Easy publishing with Squeezely Connect

After setting up the segments valuable to your business using the Squeezely Segment tool, these can easily be connected to the platforms of your choice. Reach your segments on Facebook, Instagram, Google, DSP inventory or via email & website optimization platforms.

Squeezely DMP has standard integrations with:

Social Media & Search Platforms:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Adwords & Display
Demand Side Platforms (DSP)
  • Adscience
  • Adform
Email Marketing Platforms
  • MailChimp
  • Copernica

Correct Analytics

A lot of webanalytics platforms ineffectively track sales as a result of pages not being loaded. Squeezely Analytics provides you with 100% accurate sales tracking as a result of our double tap tracking technology. Combined with our strict authentication protocols to prevent analytics spam from occurring, we ensure you that all reported results are 100% correct.

Scalability & Flexibility

Squeezely Data Management Platform does not charge setup fees and has a scalable pricing model, that suits all business sizes. Squeezely DMP contracts are monthly to provide you with maximum flexibility. Looking for an even better deal? Talk to us about an annual pricing plan! Our pricing can be found here.

Squeezely DMP for Marketeers

Use the Squeezely platform to collect and connect all your data sources. Power personalization based on your existing product or content feeds, benefit from saved time and increased conversion using the Squeezely Data Management Platform.

Squeezely DMP for Publishers

Want to know more about your visitors? Convert all your visitors to a returning loyal audience? Squeezely Data Management platform helps you reach your audience with the right message, so you can increase revenue from your advertising inventory and affiliates.

Squeezely DMP for E-commerce

Are you an E-commerce business? Use one of our plug and play integrations available for Magento, Lightspeed Ecom, Shopify or WOOcommerce. You will be running Squeezely’s advanced Data Management SAAS Platform with the click of a button. Our easy to use interfaces make data-driven marketing easy and ensures your customers with the best experience to drive increasing revenue.

Squeezely DMP for Agencies

Provide your clients with the best full funnel marketing service possible using Squeezely DMP. Accessible for all types of clients, saves you time and helps you uncover the added value you are offering your clients. Contact us to learn more about our Squeezely DMP Agency Model.