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Frequently Asked Questions

Each time a person visits your website this is counted as a session. A session ends after no data has been received from the visitor for 30 minutes.
With all plans 250.000 monthly sessions are included. For most websites this should cover their data usage. Want to know for sure? Have a look at your Google Analytics account and refer to the sessions statistics.
Overage will be charged at 4 Euros per 1.000 sessions (CPM). This allows you flexibility in busier periods.
Yes. When you have more than 250.000 sessions per month on your site please contacts our sales team. We will gladly tell you about bigger packages.
Squeezely Core is our data infrastructure. With Squeeely Core you will be able to collect data on your website, have access to our audience builder & statistics.
Dynamic ads are advertisements that are dynamically created based on customer behavior. With Squeezely you will be able to show these ads on Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and Google Shopping and Smart Display Campaigns.
Journey builder is our canvas where you can orchestrate actions based on user behavior. These actions will then be executed in Real Time by Squeezely Platform. A powerful tool to maximize your funnel conversion.
Squeezely offers a built in Website Personalization Engine. Using this powerful tool you can create overlays, collect user data and even build customized website experiences without any coding required.