Squeezely offers endless possibilities

Squeezely gives you full control over your data. Start off with a 360 degree customer view that’s in sync with all marketing channels. Explore our personalisation module that adds personalised elements to every webpage. Put our Journey Builder to work and build real time triggers to your Email Service Provider (ESP). Find everything you need below.

360 degree customer profile

The ultimate customer view

Squeezely offers a clear overview of all relevant data for every single customer. Who is this customer, which events have been triggered by this customer and in which ‘buying phase’ is the customer currently positioned? Valuable customer profiles combine customer CRM-data with their online behavior. Use these 360 degree profiles to build high-quality target audiences, or zoom in on an individual customer level. All data fields allow for complete customisation, making your data overview truly yours.

Product recommendations

Creating pleasantly surprised customers

Getting your recommendations right is core business for every retailer. Whether we’re talking about products or services, Squeezely will help you predict and offer up the right recommendations at exactly the right time. By applying collaborative filtering, Squeezely is able to determine relevance in terms of product types and purchase timing. Switching between complementing items or sheer alternatives, real time on site messaging or ads through external channels, every method is easily programmed and its results effectively measured. Squeezely predicts pleasantly surprised customers.

Realtime persuasion

Picking the right incentive every time

Let us sell you this, sales are guaranteed with the right incentive and timing. Squeezely’s Real Time Persuasion tools will help you to incentivise customers who are actively browsing your website, by showing them highly relevant product information in real time. How much of their desired item is left in stock? How often was it purchased in the last couple of days? Real Time Persuasion is already actively increasing sales for Squeezely customers around the world, would now be the right time for you?