August 25, 2020

Release notes 3.9.0

What's new in Squeezely

A brand new version of Squeezely has been released. 

Our latest version comes with updates to Website Personalization, Journey Builder and various updates to the core CDP. Find out what's new below.

Find out what's new below.

Website Personalization Updates

Scheduling Website Personalizations

You can now provide a schedule for your website personalization. This will automatically enable and disable your website personalization. 


Countdown Timer ''Today"

Use this to set a timer that expires at a given time 'Today' or 'Tommorow'


City Targetting

Target website personalizations on the city that a customer is visiting from.


Labels for Personalization 

Want to order your website personalizations? You can now assign labels to categorize them better.


Import / Export Templates 

Building your own custom personalization templates is now even easier. Import and export them across accounts to quickly reuse them.

Journey Builder Updates

Notify Node

Use the notify node to send someone an email notification when a user passes through Journey Builder.

Edit your Goal Audience

Want to give your Goal Audience a different name? Go right ahead.

CDP Core Updates

Purchase CSV Import

Want to import purchases using a CSV file? You are now able to send us this information via CRM import.

Decay settings on counter fields

Use a decay setting to automatically decrease your counter field values over time.

Cart Value on profile

The total value of all items in a customers cart is now accessible in the 360 profile. Use it in audiences, journeys and personalizations.

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