May 7, 2020

Release notes 3.7.0

What's new in Squeezely

A brand new version of Squeezely has been released. 

This update contains major improvements to journey builder and Website Personalization. 

Find out what's new below.

RemoveFromCart Event

A new standard event has been added to remove items from you cart. Using this event will remove items from related product sets.


Calculator Custom Fields

Using multiple counter fields to keep score? A calculator field will help you determine which field has the highest or lowest value between fields.


Expose Product Sets to Datalayer

You will now be able to expose product sets to your datalayer by going to merchant settings to select product sets.


Extended Preview URL lifetime

Website preview URL's are now valid for 14 days in stead of 24 hours.

Journey Builder Updates

Zoom In Zoom Out

Easily zoom out from your Journey if it's getting too big.

Wait until exit check

Wait until nodes will now automatically check if the wait until date has changed before a customer can move on in your journeys. 

Duplicate Orderid Ignored

Engagement splits will now ignore order id's that are duplicate from your entry event. This means status updates on your orders will not be able to influence your journeys.

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More updates

Copernica Update

- Sync consent to main profiles
- New Collection: Triggers
- New Collection: Products

Copernica by Bookerz

Using a Bookerz connector for Copernica? You are now able to connect Squeezely to your Bookerz environment for advanced data syncing to Copernica.

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