April 9, 2020

Release notes 3.6.0

What's new in Squeezely

A brand new version of Squeezely has been released. 

This update contains major improvements to journey builder and Website Personalization. 

Find out what's new below.

Website Personalization Updates

Timed Overlays

A most wanted feature is now live! Add a timer to make overlays auto disappear after X seconds.


Use Product Sets on overlays

You can now use a product set to dynamically show products on your overlays.


Show Products on Toasters

Our smallest overlays, named Toasters can now show products to your visitors.


Personalized Listerpages

You are now able to personalize multiple elements with one personalization variant. This is great for showing multiple persuasions on a listerpage.


Use variables in Javascript

You can now use your profile, and product variables in Javascript for website Personalization. Product Extensions are also available for use. 


Select Parent Products

If you are using Parent products, you can now make sure these are used in website personalization. Simply put 'parent' in your syntax like: {parent.item.url}

Journey Builder Updates

Entry event Products

Want to show products from your entry event in your email? You are now able to select the products from your entry event in your email node.

Entry event Fields

In Journey Builder you are now able to use information from your journey entry event. Use your event fields in your visitor split and Wait Until node to make decisions.

Automation Statistics

Open any Journey to find a brand new statistics button. Find out how many emails were triggered and also the amount of conversions that happened after the email was triggered.

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More updates

Profile Consent Log

On your 360 profiles, you will now find a log of email consent we have received.

Geo IP Targetting

Target people based on their GEO IP Country. Any audience can now be filtered on this information.

Spotler Update

Export audiences to Spotler from Audience Builder.

Custom Product fields are exported to Spotler.

New Spotler contacts will be auto synced to Squeezely

Copernica Update

New Copernica contacts will be auto synced to Squeezely.

Opt In information will be synced to Squeezely from Copernica

Clang Update

All custom profile field are now included in automation calls to Clang.

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