February 11, 2020

Release notes 3.4.0

What's new in Squeezely?

We have just upgraded Squeezely Platform to version 3.4.0. This update is packed with some great new features for you.

Persuasion Metrics

This update brings the power of persuasion to the Squeezely Platform.
We have added different ways for you to use your data to create persuasive messages for your visitors. Find them under the help button when creating a variant in the website personalization module.

'Only 2 left!'

Use the stock data for the in view product to remind your visitor about scarcity.

'Bought 15 minutes ago in Rijswijk'

Show your user when and where the last purchase has occured. This provides valuable social proof to help them make a decision.

'Viewed by 230 people'

You are not the only one looking at this product. This message can help create urgency and provide social proof to persuade visitors into making a purchase.

'Bought 10 times today'

Another great use of your purchase data. Remind your customers that they are choosing a path that many have chosen before.

Dashboard updates

Some new shiny graphs can be found on your main dashboard.

Dashboard Top Graph update

The top graph has been split into a seperate graph for your Sales and one for Traffic. Looks a bit better!

Advertising Statistics

Find statistics about your overall advertising spend for Facebook and Google ads on your dashboard.

Connector Plugin Updates

Copernica updates

Select documents from Copernica publisher in Journey builder. Fixed some issues with double profiles caused by email adresses that did not have lowercase format.

Facebook updates

Within the Facebook channel settings you can now manage which pages from your business manager can be used to publish ads to.

Spotler updates

Our Spotler connector now fetches all your opt in email contacts upon connecting. On top of this there is a daily fetch of all updated contacts.

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