December 10, 2019

Release notes 3.2.0

What's new in Squeezely 3.1?

What's new in Squeezely?

The last big update for 2019 just went live.

We have added some fresh updates to interfaces to help you get around the platform even easier, a brand new recommender system named 'items you may like', favorite categories, Squeezely events triggers for overlays and much more.

Plenty of things to keep you busy before the holiday season gets underway. Read all about it below.

Favorite Categories & Brands

Within your customer profiles, you will find some new standard profile fields. based on events containing product id's Squeezely will now automatically determine your customers favorite categories and brands for you.

Favorite Category

Overlay Questionnaires

We have added an option to add prefilled option for overlays. This gives you the option to create mini questionnaires and store the info in your Squeezely profiles.


Other items you may like

A brand new method to recommend items to your visitors. This method takes into account product view information to recommend items that might be interesting for a visitor, based on browsing behavior of others.


Event trigger for overlays

Want an overlay to trigger only if a Squeezely Event is present on your page? You can now choose this trigger when building a new overlay.


Personalization conversion value

When using purchase as conversion event for a personalization our dashboard now also shows you the total value of the conversions caused by your personalizations.


Connector Plugin updates

Spotler Connector

Our new and updated Spotler connector allows you to sync products from Squeezely, trigger campaigns in Spotler and use dynamic product content in your email templates for triggers.

Click on the Spotler Logo to learn more.


Clang Connector

Some updates to our Clang connector allow you to use dynamic product content in your email templates.

Click on the Clang Logo to learn more.


Copernica Connector

We have equipped our Copernica connector with a way to use dynamic content feeds from Squeezely in any Copernica campaign. Next to this you can sync audiences into miniviews.

Click on the Copernica Logo to learn more.



A custom Selligent connector is now available to be able to fetch user data from Selligent and to upload Squeezely Audience id's for targetting.


Google Ad Manager

Want to create audiences in your Google Ad Manager account? You now can easily sync your Squeezely audiences to sell your inventory on more specific audiences.

Google Ad Manager

Even more updates!

Improved display of product sets

We have improved the interface for product sets to help you choose better.

prod sets

Update of 360 Profile card

Your 360 profile card layout has been revamped. Find your contact info neatly organized.


Last Check in

If you are in the travel business, we will now save the last known check in date for your Purchase events into a default field. This way you will always have it available for targetting.


Personalization & Variant id in Reporting API

You can now find id's of personalization and variants in the events export from our reporting API.

No control

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