October 31, 2019

Release notes 3.1.0

What's new in Squeezely 3.1?

What's new?

The newest version of Squeezely Platform just went live. Among other things you will find a Google Analytics connector, Custom fields for products, improved installer plugins for Lightspeed and Shopify, Counter custom fields and much more. Find out everything below.

Google Analytics Event Forwarding

Sync any event to Google Analytics from Squeezely. Measure results of personalizations and find out which audiences your visitors are in right within analytics.

Google Analytics

Custom Fields for products

Want to have more information about products in your catalog? You can now add custom fields to your feed from Squeezely.

Prod cust field

Update Profile Node

Journey Builder now has an 'Update Customer' node. This can be used to update fields in your customer profile from journey builder. Store dates, text values or keep count when a visitor passes through your journey.

Update Profile

Total orders & Last purchase

Want to segment users based on their total orders? Trigger journey actions on a last purchase date? This default fields are now available for you.

last purchase

Custom Field - Counter

We introduced a special type of custom field that helps you keep score. Anytime the field is triggered from an event or journey it will increase the count.

counter field

Connector Plugin updates

Shopify connector

Easily connect a Shopify store using our plugin. A one click integration that will install Squeezely and import your contacts & products.


Multiple product images

Our plugins will now fetch all your product images into the catalog. Create even better content for your customers.

product images

Doubleclick Audiences

You are now able to sync Journey builder adiences to Doubleclick Campaign Manager.


Even more updates!

Email template Builder

Journey builder now has the option to create an email template from your email node.

Email builder

Control group removed as default

Website personalisations will not contain the control group as a default anymore. Want to use a control group? You still can add one as a variant without settings.

No control

Get Started!

Want to try out these new features? They are ready for you when you login to the Squeezely Platform.

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