April 11, 2019

Release notes 2.9.0

NEW: Website Personalization Features

We are very excited to announce the launch of a full suite of tools to personalize your website. Using our overlays and HTML inserts you will be able to engage with your website visitors on a whole different level.


We are bringing overlays to your website. Overlays can be a great tool to highlight promotions to your visitors or to gather information using our forms. 

 HTML Inserts

Rather have an integrated experience? Use our HTML inserts to select an element on your page and we can show products or a form right within your original website content.

Audiences & Experiments

Any Squeezely audience can be targeted with a website personalization. Using experiments you are able to test different variants against a control group to see what works best.

What else is new?

Segment Builder

Easily combine different Squeezely Audiences together to create Segments. You can find our new 'segments' option within audience builder.

Merchant Center Feed Export

Want to get started with Google Shopping & Smart Display ads? You can now easily find a merchant center compatible feed link that you can use to setup your Google Merchant Center account from Squeezely! 

Introducing Webhooks

Squeezely Journey Builder now has webhooks. The webhooks can easily  connect your journey to any system you want to integrate! 

Various other improvements

  • 2 Factor Authentication is now available for all user accounts.

  • Journey canvas has been improved for easier building of large journeys.

  • All custom fields can now be edited through our Privacy Request API

  • Contact overview will now show every custom field

Get Started!

If you are as excited as us, you will probably want to get started right away. Find some more information about Website Personalization on our Blog. Or jump right into action and login to the platform.