November 28, 2018

Release notes 2.6.0

Squeezely Audience Builder

Improvements have been added to Squeezely Audience Builder. Check them out below!
Inspect Audience
Want to know which customers are in your audience? Use inspect audience to find out who are in there. Access is available from you audience overview,
Select City in Audience Builder
You can now select city as a standard segmentation field in Advanced Audiences.

Dynamic Campaigns

Merchant Center Synchronisation
We have added a way to synchronize feed information from Google Merchant Center. Simply input your account info and your feed will be fetched automatically.

Journey Builder

Profile Split
We have added a Profile Split object to Journey builder. This allows you to split users into different lanes based on their profile properties. For example you could use age, gender, city to setup different variants of the journey for different customers.

Pushing Journey Audiences to Channels

You can now select channels to push your journey audiences to within the journey. 

Wait time in minutes

You can now set a wait period in minutes, enabling even quicker journey triggers!

Frequency Cap for emails

For each email node a seperate frequency cap can be set.

Squeezely Mail

With this version we are launching Squeezely Mail, our own integrated Email solution.

What's featured in Squeezely Mail?
  • Audience Synchronization from Audience Builder
  • Triggers from Journey Builder
  • Custom Field & Opt-in synchronization
  • Drag & Drop Template editor

Squeezely Mail is available as an add-on to Squeezely Platform and comes at a CPM usage fee only. Ask your account manager for more details.

Various Improvements

We have added various other improvements as well.
  • Adwords OAuth Permission expanded - You will recieve an email from Google about this. 
  • Added Subprocessor 'Digital Ocean' - We use Digital ocean to imporve our infrastructure. It should provide you with faster load times. Upon request we can provide you with our updated Data Processors overview. 
  • Various Bug Fixes - To give you an even smoother ride!