September 6, 2018

Release notes 2.4.0

What's new on Squeezely Platform?

Presenting: Squeezely Customer Journey Builder

A visual canvas to create personalized customer journeys. A place where your customer data can be used in full effect. We are very proud to present you Squeezely Customer Journey Builder!

Our powerful Journey Builder tool that will enable you to:

  • Control who can enter a journey using Squeezely Audiences
  • Add & remove people from audiences based on their journey progression
  • Use wait objects to determine when your next action should happen
  • Split journeys into separate paths based on engagements or rules.
  • Measure how many people progress through each step of your journey 
Excited? Reach out to your Squeezely contact for more info and a personal demo. 

Various Improvements

On top of the Customer Journey Builder we have added some various features to the platform for you to explore.

Using Product Sets in your DataLayer

If you are using the Squeezely DataLayer integration you will now be able to publish product information to the DataLayer. You will find this option when creating or editing a product set in the platform. 

Find information about using this on your website here: .

Consent & User Data Request Improvements

We have added various improvements regarding managing user consent and data requests:
  • Anonymous user tracking, this will only save usage data for statistics purposes, without saving cookies or IP data about your visitor.
  • Managing consent for email, marketing & analytics separately. 
  • Added an API endpoint for User Data requests, so this can be integrated with your own interfaces. 
  • Upgraded Squeezely tracker to support new Google Conversion standards, to limit impact from 'Intelligent Tracking Prevention' in Safari browsers.
Find documentation here: