July 19, 2018

Release notes 2.2.0

What's new on Squeezely Platform?

Consent Management & Compliance Features

We have added various features to help our customers better comply with compliance policies. 

Multi Level Consent Management

We have added different levels of consent to the platform. You can now set consent seperately for: 

  • Cookies for Analytics Only
  • Cookies for Marketing
  • Email for Newsletters
  • Email for Marketing Platforms
  • Email for Service Messages

Removing Personal Data from external platforms


When we process a data removal request from your customer, we will now automatically remove this customers personal data (email address) from audiences Squeezely has created on external platforms as well.

Read more about User Consent Levels or User Data Requests in our knowledge base.

Product Catalog Improvements


We have added some functionality to our product catalog, specifically:
  • Bulk uploading of images to your catalog.
  • New filter for products set 'Has Images'. This makes sure only products containing images are selected.
  • Manually adding products to categories.
  • Publish Product Sets to Datalayer
Find more information in our knowledge base about Product Catalog or Product Sets

Various Improvements

On top of this we have added some various features to the platform for you to explore.

Historic Audience Sizes

In Squeezely Audience Builder you can now click on the audience size to see how this has progressed over time. An example is shown in the image below:

Static default banners for DoubleClick

When using Dynamic HTML5 Banners for DoubleClick, Squeezely now automatically sends along a static image as a default fallback option.