July 31, 2019

Release notes 2.11.0

What's new in Squeezely?

We have upgraded Squeezely platform

Various upgrades have been added to our newest version of Squeezely Platform.

What's new in Journey Builder?

Journey Dashboard

Journey Statistics Dashboard

You will now find results of your journeys on top of the Journey overview.


Teleport Node

Use Teleport to transfer people from one part of a journey to another.

Mail Personalization

Squeezely Mail: Product Snippets

Create HTML Snippets from Website Personalization and use them within your Squeezely Mail templates.

Website Personalization Updates

Notification Bar

New Template: Notification Bar

A brand new template for Overlays, the notification bar. Great to capture your users' attention!


Target Multiple Customer Phases

It's now possible to target a personalization to multiple customer phases. Or simply select all the phases to target everybody!

change order

Template Customization

You can now customize the order of fields on personalization templates. Simply drag your image, title etc. in the position that you want them to appear.

Even more updates!

Recommended products

Product Recommendations

Personalized product recommendations based on any product set. For example: A last viewed product set will give you personalized recommendations based on a visitors last viewed products.

Manual updates

Manual updates for Squeezely profiles

From the profile card, use the edit button to manually update a customer profile.

product API

API endpoint for Products

Create & update products using our brand new Products API endpoint.

Find Documentation here

Various other improvements

  • Set consent in an email nodes. This gives you the option to manage consent per email node.

  • Added a remainder path for email nodes. Users without an email address or consent will be sent here.

  • Added support for raw body content to webhooks in Journey Builder

  • Added support for extra fields & headers to webhooks in Journey Builder

  • You are now able to upload CRM data to our FTPS endpoint in a CSV file. To enable this feature for your account, please consult your account manager.


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