February 9, 2021

Release notes 4.2.0

What's new in Squeezely

Activity Timeline

A better way to keep track of actions that have been triggered by individual profiles.

You will find an improved Activity Timeline in 360 profiles that includes information about events, audiences, journeys and automations all in one view.

Concurrent Journey Entry

Do you need profiles to enter the same journey multiple times even when they are already in the same journey? Find a new entry setting for concurrent journeys. 

Use it to schedule multiple updates from product splits and much more.

Inventory trigger for personalization

Product interaction triggers van now be filtered based on product fields. 

For example, only show a personalization when inventory for your product is less than 1 to show an out of stock message.

Filter product sets on favorite category

Filter your product sets to match the favorite category from the 360 profile.

Use collections Journey Builder

Our last version introduced collections. Collections van be used to store and modify data on 360 profiles n a JSON format. You will now find collections available for decision making in a visitor split within Journey Builder.

August 25, 2020

Release notes 3.9.0

What's new in Squeezely

A brand new version of Squeezely has been released. 

Our latest version comes with updates to Website Personalization, Journey Builder and various updates to the core CDP. Find out what's new below.

Find out what's new below.

Website Personalization Updates

Scheduling Website Personalizations

You can now provide a schedule for your website personalization. This will automatically enable and disable your website personalization. 


Countdown Timer ''Today"

Use this to set a timer that expires at a given time 'Today' or 'Tommorow'


City Targetting

Target website personalizations on the city that a customer is visiting from.


Labels for Personalization 

Want to order your website personalizations? You can now assign labels to categorize them better.


Import / Export Templates 

Building your own custom personalization templates is now even easier. Import and export them across accounts to quickly reuse them.

May 7, 2020

Release notes 3.7.0

What's new in Squeezely

A brand new version of Squeezely has been released. 

This update contains major improvements to journey builder and Website Personalization. 

Find out what's new below.

RemoveFromCart Event

A new standard event has been added to remove items from you cart. Using this event will remove items from related product sets.


Calculator Custom Fields

Using multiple counter fields to keep score? A calculator field will help you determine which field has the highest or lowest value between fields.


Expose Product Sets to Datalayer

You will now be able to expose product sets to your datalayer by going to merchant settings to select product sets.


Extended Preview URL lifetime

Website preview URL's are now valid for 14 days in stead of 24 hours.

April 9, 2020

Release notes 3.6.0

What's new in Squeezely

A brand new version of Squeezely has been released. 

This update contains major improvements to journey builder and Website Personalization. 

Find out what's new below.

Website Personalization Updates

Timed Overlays

A most wanted feature is now live! Add a timer to make overlays auto disappear after X seconds.


Use Product Sets on overlays

You can now use a product set to dynamically show products on your overlays.


Show Products on Toasters

Our smallest overlays, named Toasters can now show products to your visitors.

February 11, 2020

Release notes 3.4.0

What's new in Squeezely?

We have just upgraded Squeezely Platform to version 3.4.0. This update is packed with some great new features for you.

Persuasion Metrics

This update brings the power of persuasion to the Squeezely Platform.
We have added different ways for you to use your data to create persuasive messages for your visitors. Find them under the help button when creating a variant in the website personalization module.

'Only 2 left!'

Use the stock data for the in view product to remind your visitor about scarcity.

'Bought 15 minutes ago in Rijswijk'

Show your user when and where the last purchase has occured. This provides valuable social proof to help them make a decision.

'Viewed by 230 people'

You are not the only one looking at this product. This message can help create urgency and provide social proof to persuade visitors into making a purchase.

'Bought 10 times today'

Another great use of your purchase data. Remind your customers that they are choosing a path that many have chosen before.

December 10, 2019

Release notes 3.2.0

What's new in Squeezely 3.1?

What's new in Squeezely?

The last big update for 2019 just went live.

We have added some fresh updates to interfaces to help you get around the platform even easier, a brand new recommender system named 'items you may like', favorite categories, Squeezely events triggers for overlays and much more.

Plenty of things to keep you busy before the holiday season gets underway. Read all about it below.

Favorite Categories & Brands

Within your customer profiles, you will find some new standard profile fields. based on events containing product id's Squeezely will now automatically determine your customers favorite categories and brands for you.

Favorite Category

Overlay Questionnaires

We have added an option to add prefilled option for overlays. This gives you the option to create mini questionnaires and store the info in your Squeezely profiles.


Other items you may like

A brand new method to recommend items to your visitors. This method takes into account product view information to recommend items that might be interesting for a visitor, based on browsing behavior of others.


Event trigger for overlays

Want an overlay to trigger only if a Squeezely Event is present on your page? You can now choose this trigger when building a new overlay.


Personalization conversion value

When using purchase as conversion event for a personalization our dashboard now also shows you the total value of the conversions caused by your personalizations.


October 31, 2019

Release notes 3.1.0

What's new in Squeezely 3.1?

What's new?

The newest version of Squeezely Platform just went live. Among other things you will find a Google Analytics connector, Custom fields for products, improved installer plugins for Lightspeed and Shopify, Counter custom fields and much more. Find out everything below.

Google Analytics Event Forwarding

Sync any event to Google Analytics from Squeezely. Measure results of personalizations and find out which audiences your visitors are in right within analytics.

Google Analytics

Custom Fields for products

Want to have more information about products in your catalog? You can now add custom fields to your feed from Squeezely.

Prod cust field

Update Profile Node

Journey Builder now has an 'Update Customer' node. This can be used to update fields in your customer profile from journey builder. Store dates, text values or keep count when a visitor passes through your journey.

Update Profile

Total orders & Last purchase

Want to segment users based on their total orders? Trigger journey actions on a last purchase date? This default fields are now available for you.

last purchase

Custom Field - Counter

We introduced a special type of custom field that helps you keep score. Anytime the field is triggered from an event or journey it will increase the count.

counter field

September 5, 2019

Release notes 3.0.0

What's new in Squeezely 3.0?

Introducing Squeezely 3.0

Squeezely 3.0 has exciting upgrades to usability for you. It comes with a brand new Squeezely library to give you a one click setup with some of our most popular and effective use cases!

Newsletter Popup

Convert anonymous visitors into known leads by asking to subscribe to your newsletter.

Newsletter Popup

Product Recommendations

Setup product recommendations on your home- product- and checkout pages. Your visitors behavior will automatically be turned into relevant content!


Abandoned Website Journey

Identifies visitors in the orientation and comparison phase of their journey. Convert them to the decision phase by sending a relevant offer.

Abandoned site

Customer Conversion Journey

Specifically target visitors in the decision phase of their buyer journey. Send them a relevant offer to turn them into customers.

customer conv

Purchase Followup Journey

Followup your customers with relevant offers to create repeat purchases.

Purchase followup

July 31, 2019

Release notes 2.11.0

What's new in Squeezely?

We have upgraded Squeezely platform

Various upgrades have been added to our newest version of Squeezely Platform.

What's new in Journey Builder?

Journey Dashboard

Journey Statistics Dashboard

You will now find results of your journeys on top of the Journey overview.


Teleport Node

Use Teleport to transfer people from one part of a journey to another.

Mail Personalization

Squeezely Mail: Product Snippets

Create HTML Snippets from Website Personalization and use them within your Squeezely Mail templates.

May 27, 2019

Release notes 2.10.0

New version of Squeezely Platform!