Easy to Use

A SaaS platform should be easy to use. Squeezely has been designed to be used by marketeers, giving you simple interfaces to create powerful segments and automate your campaigns across platforms.


Need a solution that can grow with your organization? Thanks to our Cloud Based infrastructure you will have infinite room to grow.


Competing with the best in class is no longer outside of your budget. Squeezely provides you with all you need to run cross channel automated marketing in one platform. Starting from just 99 €/Monthly!


Transparency is sometimes hard to find in the advertising industry. Squeezely helps you find where you get the most value from your marketing. Preventing you from becoming indecisive of where to spend your marketing budget.


We take your data security very seriously. Our services are hosted through a secure HTTPS connection. Data transfers use SSL encrypted connections and SHA-256 hashing to ensure safety. Data storage is being handled by IBM in their highly secure data centre in Frankfurt.
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