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Squeezely collects data from all sources
into one place. Create your own
360 customer view. Have your data
ready for use at any time.


Squeezely converts your customer base
into Intelligent Audiences. Promote
the right offer using our built in
recommender engine.


Turn data into realtime actions.
Relevance become revenue using
personalized campaigns
across channels.

Website Personalization

Create personalized experiences for every website visitor. Instantly respond to visitor behaviour using overlays and content inserts. Your website will convert like never before.

Journey builder

Recognize website visitors and automatically follow up with personalized content based on their behaviour.

Use ready made journeys from our library or customize a perfect journey made specifically for your business. Never miss out on an opportunity with Squeezely Journey Builder.

Dynamic Ads

Finding new customers becomes easy with Dynamic Ads.
Target lookalikes of your existing customers and convert website visitors using the power of remarketing.
Setup advertising campaigns for Facebook, Google Ads & Shopping in a matter of minutes.

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Squeezely helps marketing teams create personalized experiences. Our personalization methods are helping numerous marketing teams improve their results and efficiency in a matter of weeks.
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Increase in email open rates
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